Easy & Simple Home Staging Tips for

Maximizing the Sale of Your Silicon Valley Home

Determining the optimal sales price for your Silicon Valley home depends on the state of the real estate market, a value analysis of what other homes in your neighborhood have sold for, and perhaps most importantly, the condition of your home. One of the best ways to maximize your home's value is to give it some "stage appeal" with a little home staging. Here’s how you do it.

3 Steps for Giving Your Home Some “Sales Appeal”

1. Work from the Outside In

The first thing potential buyers see is the front of your home. If it’s not warm and welcoming, that first impression may color the buyer’s feeling about your entire home—before they even set one foot inside. So give your home some curb appeal:

Cross the street and look at your front yard.

  • Are there toys, tools and bikes strewn about? Pick them up.
  • Does your landscaping look crisp and neat? If not, pull weeds, trim hedges, plant blooming flowers, and edge the lawn (or hire a landscaper).
  • Make the porch warm and welcoming. Place pots of flowers near the door, touch up any peeling paint, buy a new doormat and clean the glass panes on your door.

beautifully staged backyard

Next, walk around the sides and back of your home to make sure:

  • Gutters are aligned and clean
  • Windows/screens are spotless and free of garden debris
  • Fences are in good repair
  • Roof is clean and in good condition
  • Driveway is clean and has no visible cracks
  • Downspouts are in place have clear drainage
  • Outdoor storage sheds and garages are tidy

2. Remove the Clutter

One of the most valuable tools you can use to ready your home for showings is the good, old-fashioned, plastic trash bag. Removing excess clutter is one of the easiest, and most economical, ways to prepare your home for sale. Clean up excess toys, books, magazines, bric-a-brac, clothing and anything else that makes the home look unkempt. If you can’t bear to part with your things, rent a storage locker to stash away the excess until you move.

decluttered kitchen

3. Make it Look Like Anybody’s Home

Buyers tend to respond positively to homes in which they can picture themselves, their furniture, and their possessions. It’s to your advantage to make your home look and feel as “neutral” as possible. You may love your brightly painted rooms and colorful carpeting, but they may be off-putting to buyers. Suggestions for de-personalizing your home include:

  • Paint the walls beige, white or cream.
  • Replace colorful carpeting with neutral carpeting or tile.
  • Remove family photos.
  • Store spiritual/religious items out of view.
  • Avoid cooking heavily scented foods before a showing.

lovely living room

Use These Quick Tips for Showings

  • Replace burned out light bulbs and turn on the lights.
  • Open all drapes and shades to let in the natural lighting.
  • Tune radio to soft or classical music to create ambiance.
  • Move pets and their things to a neighbor’s home (and give your rugs a vacuum).
  • Make all beds.
  • Take out the trash and recycling.
  • Remove all clutter and papers from your desk.
  • Wipe down bathroom vanities and toilets.
  • Put out clean towels.
  • Store small kitchen appliances in cupboards.
  • Wipe down refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher.

staged bedroom ready for showing

We’ll Make Selling Your Sunnyvale, CA Home Easy!

As you can see from all our before-and-after shots, we're not the type of real estate agents who just stick a For Sale sign in the yard and wait for the buyers to find your home. Instead, we work diligently to ensure that your home is in the best possible position to be sold quickly and for a great price.

The Gary & Robert Real Estate Team is happy to help advise you about which improvements will help you recoup the most value for your investment. Our services include professional staging and upgrade tips to help your home give buyers the best first impression possible. Additionally, we provide all the necessary contractors to accomplish these desired changes. And if cash is tight, we can even advance any funds needed. We create a “win-win”; your home sells for a higher price, and we all make more money as a result!

Please contact us for a complimentary home staging consultation.

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